Thursday, February 27, 2014


I have decided that I do not care for everyday life.  It steals away the joy of living in my fantasy world and writing.  

I apologize for the five month (YIKES) gap in my blog. Getting ready to move from middle America back to the Pacific Northwest was more of an adventure than I bargained for. On the plus side I have gained more material for future projects. 

Yes, life does happen. The dull routines, the boring must-do events of new banks, new health providers, and the  inevitable income tax months of gathering, organizing and listing - while praying for a refund or at least not to owe the  government!

How does one overcome life so you can do what you want to do?  It's not always possible if you have a family and want to keep some friends - and impossible (at times) should unexpected happenings fall in close succession. That is a whole other blog!  But it can be done so you need not go into panic, withdrawal mode. 

1.  Keep current with a good trade magazine. Choose one (or more) that stimulates your creativity and desire to write. It may be different for each writer - Interviews, Q&A sections, Industry leads, Contests or Challenges, or up-to-date changes in the industry. 

2.  Keep reading the books, magazines, articles or literature of your chosen genre.  It will keep you up to date as to what is happening, been done, and could spark an idea for a piece of your own. How many spin offs where sparked from weekly television shows?

3.  Keep your creative juices flowing as you read, or watch television or a movie.  Attempt to analyze what will happen, critique the book or show. So many times I have "rewritten" the end of movies, or a situation by forecasting what will happen next simply by trying to figure out a plot twist to an extreme. 

4.  Try to set aside a specific timeframe to write. Some articles have advocated one hour a day where the writer does nothing but write - good or bad prose makes no difference - just write. For me, that has always been impossible. For many  writers the everyday thing will never work, so choose once or twice a week.  If "things" happen you can shift to a different day and not suffer the guilt of missing your daily  exercise. 

5.  When you are  out and about, away from the keyboard, look at the world through the eyes of a writer.  Look for scenes, inspirations, events that spark ideas, or a short observation to used later. Carry a small notepad and pen with you, or use the Note app on your iPhone or Android.  Gotta love apps! 

The above are just a few suggestions to keep that spark alive. Writers are creative. We all can think of more.  As individuals with different lives and varied histories we are as different as much as we are alike. Our muse may lost mixed in the fog we call life. Then it hits us, bam!  The rush of anxiety, panic of life passing, that writer withdrawal that often makes us bark and growl at whatever is perceivably preventing those opportunities to create.  Until ... we we finally set aside an hour or two to breath a little creative oxygen on that spark.