Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Tornado in My Mind

     It's been a whole month, and then some, since I last posted to this blog. I have a good excuse, although some writer's wouldn't think so. I am moving back to my 'home' state of Washington after trying on South Dakota. However,  SD did not fit. 

     Some writer's would say 'You could have written 20 minutes a day! If you were a real writer you..." Really? If I weren't a real writer I wouldn't have had a book published, even if it wasn't the one I put all the work into. 

     Fact is, a real writer never stops working even if (s)he is not sitting at the keyboard. The mind is always working. The buzzing of ideas in their head rarely stop. If watching television to unwind, news included, ideas creep in or pop to life like a jaguar on the prowl growling what a great idea for a story or hey! that gave me an idea for this character's downfall

     Problem with the unexpected intrusive thoughts: they come at the most inopportune moments. Where'd I put that pen? Who took my notepad.  Oh, dang, I missed the bit I was waiting for on the news.  Arrgghhhh.  Next time you tell yourself  I will keep repeating it in the back of mind and write it down in 10 minutes. During the commercial break you grab your paper and pen and   Oh no, what did my mind NOT memorize again?

     The trouble with thoughts flying in and out of the mind is trying to catch them at the right moment. Lately I have tried to memorize some when driving, when my arms are elbow deep in soapy water,  or sorting piles of "keep", "sell" or "toss out" items while my back is aching, or when I am sticky with packing tape. Write down the better idea of how the situation in the book I just read would have worked, be sure to look up exact date of the Challenger launch so my story will be accurate, don't forget to read the update on publishing news and send in the dues for the Writers Club, and thus we have the tornado of the mind. Ideas flying this way and that, intruding on a writer, taunting you, screaming at you Write about ME !  

     One of the ideas broke through twice, maybe three times. I had to follow up on it. It was interfering with my packing! It took a couple days but it is nearly finished. three more lines. Dear readers, I am packing and moving back to Seattle the end of next month. I have not given up on you, or my books. But sometimes real writers do have other commitments that just will not wait.