Saturday, June 1, 2013

Write or Right: a Writer's Introduction

     I am not one for blogging. I am a writer, and a poster of opinion as I see the world. But, I have discovered there are times that one must go off track from their story or novel or screenplay in an attempted to say, Hellooo? Are you nuts? or  Look, there must be a better way to accomplish what you want.  During those times I am usually address the U.S. Congress, but on occasion a different group of otherwise intelligent human being. 

    This is why I call my blog Write or Right. If you agree with my sentiments, then it is Right. If not, then for  you it will become Write - a bit of fiction in your eyes, but hopefully still enjoyable enough to contemplate where I am coming from. And I am hopeful that I know how to set up this blog to perform in a way that behaves in a way  I think it ought to. After all, I am a writer, not a computer programmer! Whether agree or not with my thoughts on any given matter, I wish all readers peace, happiness and love.