Tuesday, June 4, 2013


     If you were to choose the life of a writer what would be your main goal? To entertain your readers? To weave a story that no one has ever fathomed before if you are a fiction writer? To educate the world about something that could change the readers life for the better if nonfiction? To make a lot of money and live on easy street - or at least enough money not to not starve?
The answer is yes, yes, yes, maybe, yes. But, what is a writer's main goal? I think this is that all-important question ever writer must ask himself, or herself.

     I have known I wanted to a writer since high school when my English teacher suggested I pitch my short story to a television station to see how it might come to become an episode of The Twilight zone. I don't recall now if I sent it in, but I don't recall it being shown on television, either. Maybe I should dust it off the original and attempt a short script? Hmmmm.

     Since days of old - pre-computer working on a Royal typewriter, then a Smith-Corona word processor - I have read many books on writing and enjoyed years of Writer's Digest magazine after as short stint of growing into adulthood, dating, marrying the wrong men. But, I digress.

     During my formative writing years I have read, studied and been a part of many online groups, both writing and other, and have seen how persons of like interest interact. I have seen the help that comes from nurturing what is today called a "newbie", and I have seen the ugly side of sharing a similar interest: Competition and envy. Thus, the prompt to consider the ultimate question: What is a writer's main purpose? It was my face-to-face writers group Write Night in Seattle that helped clarify the only answer one can honest come to. 

     Competition is bad for a writer. Any negativity is in my opinion. Oh, there are character's that are quite negative in good fiction, but for a writer to harbor it within is not healthy for his or her career. The love between a writer and those who can help them grow is not so different as that between a husband and wife - nurturing and caring creates a far more beautiful future than feelings of negativity. 

     My opinion on the main goal for a writer is that competing against him or herself is the only real competition that is healthy. It is what helps the writer become the best they can be, and no one can prevent that except himself or herself. So, if your goal is to become to learn the trade and become a writer don't be too concerned with what Janey or Jay thinks of your writing, just read and write, read and write, and you will improve no matter what anyone thinks.